I have been exploring the forests and roadsides of Worcester County Maryland since I first moved to the area in the 1970s.   While I had lived in other wooded areas from Virginia to Alaska growing up, I had never had an opportunity to explore a particular forest in detail.  At first I only knew to identify the most common trees and wildflowers but exploration and friendship with area naturalists guided my studies.

I began keeping a Woodland Journal and in 1995 I started posting excerpts online.  ‘Woodland Seasons’ is a continuation; a collection of observations of the wild flora and fauna through the four seasons in this area.   I enjoy walking the forest and delight in finding small details of wild orchids, strange fungi as well as the shy warblers and timid animals who live in this lovely place.

I draw and paint nature subjects almost exclusively and often the explorations and often the discoveries of a fallen nest or emerging blossom will lead to a painting or even a series of paintings.  While I may use some of my illustrations or paintings on this site, I prefer to show photographs with the posts.  Readers wishing to see recent paintings are invited to visit my art site: SharonHimes.Com